Dear Biogene II.
I have the product but did not got any manual, so I do not know how long sholud I stimulate the skin, why does it hav blue glasses and from what a distance do I have to stimulate and so on. Will You please supply me a manual?
Best Regards


Dear Mr. Smith,

the device has not now medical CE. It has normal CE and ROHS testsy done.
We are looking for the best solution so we are selling now model with linear polarisation, where is the strongest evidence in the world also in form of clinical studies.

If you consider 4 colors and 4 different heads so our final price is very good for customers like retail price.

There is known how acne bacteria porphyrins are reacting, how Protoprphyrin IX is reacting with the light if you use 5ALA, where are piks of absorbtion characteristics. And it is known what makes red, blue, green light generaly and even are known absorbtions curves for plenty of components of human body - blood, cells, their parts like mitochondria..... I

f we have the best kind of polarisation in our hands confirmed, our final model will contain that solution. SO now we have standart solution but with very narrow band LED diods and very good intensity compred to another products and lineary polarised light.

Yalong Trade s.r.o.

John Smith:

Is this product CE Marked as a Medical Device ?

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11.09.2019 | BIOquant NS medical device
BIOquant NS medical device was registered in State Institute for Drug Control. Certificate valid until 2024.

07.08.2018 | BIOquant NS LED wellness device passed following tests:
IEC60601-1-2, IEC60601-1, IEC60601-1-11, IEC62471.

20.06.2018 | BIOquant NS was registered in SUKL in Slovakia
(State Institute for Drug Administration and Medical Device Administration in Slovakia, Bratislava).

18.03.2018 | Medical device BIOquant NS passed news tests:
haematology, hemolytic tests, partial tromboplastin time test (PTT), pyrogenicity test (pyrogen test).

01.09.2017 | Manufacturer Yalong Trade made a decision
to make new design and development for BIOquant NS LED, wellness device for USA market and started tests for wellness device.


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